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Coffee is our passion. At Fixed we believe that coffees should be named by their country, region and farm name, and not by their roast level. We brew one single-origin “coffee of the day”—we never brew blended coffee. We believe that coffee should be “a delicious representation of its region”. We brew only six cups at a time made in a Fetco coffee brewer, to ensure freshness, and if you are ordering a coffee to stay, we can brew your coffee fresh by the cup in a ceramic pour-over.

All of our coffees are seasonal and in line with world coffee harvests. Coffee should be freshly roasted, freshly ground and freshly brewed –it should also be freshly harvested. This is why our coffees are always changing, as new crops become available.


Our coffee is Direct Trade, which means that our coffee roaster and supplier, Anchored Coffee, purchase their green beans directly from the farmer that grew them. This process cuts out the middle man and is mutually beneficial for both the farmer and the roaster.

The farmer does the hard work of growing an excellent crop, and then it is the job of the roaster and barista to make sure that excellence stays with the coffee until it reaches your cup. This is why we only brew medium roast coffees, which best illuminate the nuanced and complex flavours of a well-grown crop.

Quality is an art and a science. That is why we weigh our coffee beans and our water when we make coffee. Every brew method is timed and its temperature read. We ensure that all of our coffees are made to the proper brew strength and extraction ratio. We also taste every pot of coffee we brew, and we taste and adjust our espresso every hour to keep it tasting great.

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We believe in wholesome food made fresh, from scratch. That’s why we make our baked goods, breads and bagels fresh every morning. It’s also why we make our own chocolate sauce with dark cocoa, and chai syrup from whole spices. Our hummus comes from dried chickpeas, and our lemon bars are made with squeezed lemons and lemon-zest. We also make our own gluten-free crackers.

Our soups are made from local produce, and our salad ingredients come solely from Murray Meadow’s Farm. Our food is always made fresh and with a concern for flavour and balance.

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Jon Howse and Greg Hewlett, who grew up in Springdale, Newfoundland, began their quest for the perfect cup of coffee ten years ago. In the spring of 2012, after eight years of working in the coffee profession in Halifax and St. John’s, and after drinking espresso and fine brew coffee in most every major city in Canada as well as many in Europe and Australia, Jon and Greg decided to bring some of their passion and experience back home.

Jon and Greg

Fixed Coffee Baking opened to the public with years of experience already under its belt. Jon began his love for coffee as a customer at 2% Jazz Espresso Bar in Victoria, BC in 2003, and then as a regular customer at Ritual Coffee Roasters in San Francisco. Jon started his barista career in Halifax in 2005, working at Steve-O-Reno’s Cappuccino. He later moved on to work at Java Blend Coffee Roasters, before receiving world class training as a barista at the renowned Two If By Sea Café, in Dartmouth, NS. Most recently Jon worked as a barista at Rocket Bakery here in St. John’s, where his path and Greg’s came together, nearly ten years after leaving high school in Springdale. Somewhere along the way Jon helped start Brewed Awakening, a successful café with two locations in Corner Brook.

Greg, having finished an arts degree at Memorial and discovering the job market did not at all care for how he had spent the last 4 years, turned to travel and spent a year in Australia. It was here, specifically in Melbourne, that his love for coffee took a turn for the passionate. Returning home to St. John’s, Greg was among the original staff of Rocket Bakery & Fresh Food, where he and Jon began making coffees together. A year passed, during which Greg often heard out Jon’s dreams of doing this for himself, and decided that sounded pretty good to him, too. And so, after many years of inhabiting Jon’s dreams, Fixed was becoming a reality.

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Today Fixed is a bustling little café on the east end of Duckworth St. frequented by local business people, students, artists and anyone in search of a warm place to gather and enjoy a cup of coffee.

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183 Duckworth Street
St. John’s, Newfoundland A1C 1G3

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M – F : 7:30am-6pm
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